Book Release : Adventures in the Grand Game of Software Engineering

Yes, A Book

Not a Medium post this time, but a collated, re-edited, and specific series of earlier posts related to Software Engineering from 2020 and 2021.

In here you'll find sideways commentary on recruiters, how to be a better developer, why LinkedIn sucks (if you didn't suspected that already), and frivolous ways to identify developers by what they drink.

Oh, and the things you should totally look for when interviewing for a new job.

For the cheap as chips (almost) price of USD $5, around EUR €4.75 or even closer to £4.10, at least in 2022.

You can take a look at my Author Page or go straight to Adventures in the Grand Game of Software Engineering itself, here's some helpful direct links if you don't want to do too much searching around.


Hopefully, this will be the first in a series of many collections and a stepping tone to more original work in book format too.

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